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  • Last Update: 10 Aug, 03:01
    TS4Rent: What sign are you?
    ParisJene: Scorpio
    22 Answers
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  • Last Update: 01 May, 06:36
    TS4Rent: What are you looking for, in a new client?
    Azura_Blue: I appreciate clients with these traits:

    Polite - I will take you more seriously, treat you with respect in return.

    Respect rules and boundaries, and know your own boundaries -
    Not pushing for services that I don't offer, not trying to haggle my rates. Escorts often give better services and not watch their time if you don't haggle.

    Reliable - Decisive, punctual
    Not Wasting time, Not flaky with appointment.

    Hygienic - Fresh breathe and clean body turns me on, the cleaner you are, the closer I get.

    If you could take care of the above , you would be a perfect client that I'd love to see again and again !
    5 Answers
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  • Last Update: 10 Jul, 09:35
    TS4Rent: What are your goals?
    BlackChinnaa: Minding the business THATS pays me 💯
    22 Answers
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  • Last Update: 13 Apr, 23:14
    TS4Rent: What do you like to do in your free time?
    Tsasianlailani: I love to go shopping or Meditate
    20 Answers
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